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The Restaurant

Gourmet Restaurant

In a modern location with an intimate and warm atmosphere you can taste exclusive delicacies and delicious specialities with an extraordinary flavour. Here you can discover the finest culinary art and be impassioned by real flavour.

The elegant and refined Ristorante Museo Caruso is located in Tasso Square, in the town centre of Sorrento. It is an unmissable “taste stop” for the gourmet traveller. Here the lavish and sensuous cuisine meets historical tourist itineraries with fairy-tale villages and views of incomparable beauty. This is an ideal location for admirers and lovers of culinary art, expecially those who wish to be seduced by the aesthetics of exclusive delicacies.

Ristorante Museo Caruso is pleased to offer you a “flavour stop”, sharing with you the taste of delicious food of the Mediterranean tradition. You will enjoy the perfect balance of aromas, flavours and colours of an unmissable culinary experience.

The choice of high quality ingredients, the advanced preparation techniques, the extremely authentic flavours and the high attention to detail make Restaurant Caruso a place of culinary excellence, celebrating the aesthetic experience of food accompanied by excellent wines and a five-star service, all being the key to the success of a gourmet menu.


The excellence of Mediterranean flavour

Ristorante Museo Caruso is a refined location for lovers of good food, combining an exclusive atmosphere with unforgettable culinary experiences. That’s why it is an unmissable place for admirers of haute cuisine.

The international top-rated “Ristorante Museo Caruso”is very well known for its high quality standards, excellent service and impeccable attention to the customer. It’s a magnificent and charming location, where you can enjoy unforgettable dining experiences thanks to its high quality standards, exclusivity, harmony and refinement.

Mediterranean and Neapolitan culinary traditions, high attention to detail, passion and creativity contribute to the excellence of the restaurant, combined with the talent, mastery and exceptional techniques of the chefs in making superb and delicious delicacies and specialities with real flavour.

Customers are impressed by the simple splendour of the rooms and the friendliness of the staff, who are always attentive and discreet, and the pleasant background music, all of which adds a refined touch and creates a relaxed and unique atmosphere for diners.

The famous restaurant mentioned by magazines and experts is enriched by the wine cellar containing over 1,700 selected labels of wines, whisky, cognac and grappa which are among the most prestigious in the world, ready to satisfy the diners’ palate.

Concept and interior design

The restaurant’s environment is cosy, relaxing, refined and comfortable

In the beautiful town of Sorrento there is the top-rated Restaurant Museo Caruso “Relais de charme”, famous for its historical and magical atmosphere, which is ideal for exclusive visits and events. The restaurant, with its refined and comfortable setting, luxurious and relaxing at the same time, is characterized by remarkable hospitality.

The famous Ristorante Museo Caruso offers customers and visitors a unique and exclusive lifestyle experience under the aegis of excellence: it is remarkable for its delicious, high-quality menus, delicacies and its refined and comfortable setting, all of which put guests at the centre of the culinary experience.

The restaurant is dedicated and pays tribute to the famous tenor Enrico Caruso, and combines a high level of culinary art with refined service and a charming atmosphere. The three rooms are elegantly equipped in a luxurious setting and a suffused atmosphere. This evocative setting, the courtesy of the staff and pleasant background music add a refined touch in welcoming customers.

This magical atmosphere makes the rooms the perfect location to enjoy an extraordinary tasting and sensory experience for a romantic dinner, a friends’ reunion, a business meeting, a special occasion or just a way to relax.


The rooms and the atmosphere, fineness and aesthetics

The way in which the small rooms intersect and at the same time are separate from one another creates a soft lighting effect. This, combined with elegant interior colour harmonies with attention to aesthetic detail gives a warm, relaxed, refined and comfortable atmosphere.

Ristorante Museo Caruso is enriched with vintage furnishings appliqué, pictures and photos from all over the world, in memory of the famous tenor, all creating a particular atmosphere.

The furniture is characterized by warm nuances ranging from beige to chocolate brown, and the walls have a soft yellow tone. Precious porcelain, a crystal collection, shining silverware, antique furniture, a soft lighting effect and refined table linen have been carefully selected to create a precious, intimate and cosy atmosphere.

Rooms are equipped with air conditioning. On request, we can provide live music for an exclusive personal service, according to requirements. At weekends and on special occasions “Ristorante Museo Caruso” has live music to entertain customers while they enjoy our delicious food.