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Tasty specialities with extraordinary flavour

Our menus offer endless combinations and interesting innovations combined with tradition, with a refined aesthetic taste. With our light and exclusive style of cuisine, we celebrate the richness of aromas and colours.

The refined cuisine of Ristorante Museo Caruso follows the essential principles of elegance, lightness and simplicity. It offers high quality, excellent dishes thanks to the chefs’ mastery of innovative culinary techniques and attention to aesthetics. The result is a harmonious balance of passion, taste and creativity.

Incredible dishes give the diner a refined sensory experience while discovering the excellence of our cuisine and enjoying prestigious Italian and international wines.

100 years - Our tasting menus

Centenary tasting menus

Traditional Mediterranean flavours

To celebrate the centenary of the death of the famous tenor Enrico Caruso we have prepared four exclusive and limited edition menus.

The main inspiration for the tasting menus of the Ristorante Museo Caruso is the traditional Mediterranean and Neapolitan cuisine, interpreted by the chefs’ skill and their high aesthetics. They prepare delicate dishes with a variety of different flavours, made with the best fresh seasonal ingredients, chosen with particulary attention to flavours and aromas.

Our offer

À la carte menu

In the refined “Museo Ristorante Caruso” you can enjoy haute cuisine dishes that interpret flavours and aromas of ancient culinary tradition with extraordinary sensory characteristics. Here ingredients are skilfully combined to create harmonies of flavours and colours. Furthermore, they are properly cooked and aesthetically well presented.

Guests, in a magical surrounding, are “co-authors” of a special journey in which, like in a melody, there is a crescendo of emotions, flavours, colours, sensations and sounds, harmonising to create a dreamy dimension of sound and taste. The music is chosen according to the dishes presented, involving customers in a perfect symbiosis of authentic flavours, aromas and colours. Delicious desserts are matched with a selection of spirits, refined champagne and excellent wines, providing the perfect accompaniment to a flavoursome meal.